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Mar 5, I've placed aquariums near windows before, and I wouldn't do it again unless my tank was properly shaded. The issue is that direct sunlight can cause algae. I have a tank in my room and if I open the blinds, there is direct sunlight on it. Is it ok to have direct sunlight on the tank or should I just keep. Apr 1, One of the leading causes for an algae infested aquarium is too much light. Placing an aquarium in an area where it can receive direct sunlight.

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Setting up a tank across from a window and have the light coming in at an angle away from the tank may be sufficient with somne strategic planting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Fish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum. Robert's site has a forum called the Natural Tank that is moderated by Diana Walsted spelling? It is really beautiful if you can get direct sunlight in your tank, nothing else like it. Find More Posts by Ding2daDong. Jan 27, I had a tank sitting in a front of a window under direct sunlight for most of the day. I had algae on the glass, green water, you name it. I think if. Not true. While constant direct sunlight on a tank can result in bad algae problems, having some sun on a tank (say for an hour or two) is. Aug 20, I am looking for a spot to put the new solana aquarium I got and the few places I want to put it get direct sunlight for minutes each day.

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ACTUAL SUNLIGHT DOWNLOAD Locate an aquarium in an area where you can sit comfortably to observe the fish. I was also talking with aquarium direct sunlight about this and they recommended that I get a special kind of tint for the window that blocks certain types of uv light. So, I think you should be fine if you can control the heat transfer. Aug 23, Messages: No, create an account. Some of them will actually follow you around for food. Is direct sunlight bad for fishes?
Sunlight federal credit union powell wy Locate an aquarium in an area where there is enough space around it for you to work on during the maintenance. I changed aquarium direct sunlight water, put in anti chlorineyet other new fish also died. I am confident that it will turn green in sunlight lamps for sad time. Log in or Sign up. You should also keep your fish tank in a position that it is not directly above the electrical outlet. I thought at first that would be okay the days were short and all. My foyer is dark, and there is a powder room close by.
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