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Here are the laptops with the brightest displays (out of the models we tested). A score of nits or higher on a laptop screen is really bright. Best Buy · HP ZBook x2, , x x.8 in (laptop mode) / x x in (tablet . Jul 4, Solution: I've heard mixed reviews about the anti-glare screens, but the key factor is that they are better than a standard screen. Most people. May 21, The NuShield® DayVue™ anti glare screen for laptop provides perfect cutting down reflections and glare -- even when working in bright sun. How To Fix Laptop Screen Glare

Best laptop screen for sunlight -

Build your own laptop hood. I will only be using this computer for Windows Word processing at any time, nothing. Thank you for your feedback! Stewart Jul 11, If you have experience with this setting, please help me choose the right model. This rather defeats the object but you can either find a nice shaded spot under a tree or put up a large umbrella. Add a photo Upload error. best laptop screen for sunlight