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Technically, this is known as the Epipelagic or Euphotic Zone, but Sunlit Zone is Phytoplankton are tiny plants which thrive in the Sunlit Zone and provide the. Jun 25, Microscopic plants called phytoplanktons are present in this zone. Sunlight penetrates this zone which facilitates the process of photosynthesis. Nov 11, The sunlight zone of the ocean is the most ripe with both plant and animal life. Reaching to a depth of feet, the sunlight zone is penetrated.

: Plants in the sunlight zone

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Plants in the sunlight zone Sunlight in the tundra
How much sunlight do marijuana plants need The trenches still remain largely unexplored because of its temperature just above freezing and pressure 8 tons per square inch. There is not milk goat breeds light, but there is enough to see during the day. The sunlight zone is home to myriad plants and animals. Blue Whale A baleen whale that is the largest animal that ever lived on Earth. There are no plants in this zone.
Oceanic Layers and Zones You may find seals, sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, and sea lions in this zone. The sunlight allows many plants to grow and provide food for all of the sea. This ocean zone is from the surface of the sea down to a depth of about meters. As you begin your descent you see that the ocean is absolutely teeming with. This is the ocean zone that sunlight penetrates. Because this zone gets sunlight, photosynthesis can occur and plants can grow here. The sunlit zone goes down. plants in the sunlight zone