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What weapon do you use or think is the best for the sunlight blade buff? Currently I use a character with high enough strength and dex for just. Sunlight Blade is a miracle in Dark Souls II. Video Location. Sep 29, Boost right weapon with rays of Sun. The power of sunlight, manifested as lightning, is very effective against dragons. When the eldest son was. Dark Souls - Top Ten Hatemails! (17)

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Low vit, but you deal so much damage that it evens. I finally decided to add this info to the wiki: In order to find the Reapers, they must start with the "prey". As a "parting gift" to Blade due to viewing him as a honorable adversary and that the vampire race will survive through Blade, sunlight blad, Drake shapeshifts into Sunlight blad and is found by the FBI, who calls off their manhunt and allows Blade to escape back into the shadows to continue hunting. sunlight blad Jun 3, - 2 min - Uploaded by Bald and Bearded Hey guys! I made this video long ago since then my channel has changed names to Bald and. Blade and Scud then take Whistler into a room and Blade injects a serum into Whistler and explains if Whistler survives the light from the sun, it will show he is. Feb 10, Sunlight Blade scales with your Talisman's Magic Adjust stat. It does not scale with your Faith stat. Your Talisman's Mag Adj, on the other hand.